Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders' Society

Mrs Jan Brown (Secretary) Telephone: 01398 341372 or 07977 058141


Oldways End

East Anstey


EX16 9JQ

email: info@exmoorhornbreeders.co.uk



Photo Credits

The Exmoor Horn Sheep Society gratefully acknowledges the help and support of all members who have donated photographs and information for the production of this website. The Society thanks the following organisations and professionals for giving permission for the use of their copyright images as follows: Exmoor Ewes on Bank - British Wool Marketing Board. View of Exmoor - from an original by E R J Davey.  Picture of the Chairman, and Sale - Bath Photographic. View of Countisbury, Exmoor - Peter Hendrie www.peterhendrie.co.uk. Lamb&Mutton Page:- Andrew & Sarah Dixon of Andrews on the Weir Restaurant, Andrew Dixon and picture of mutton dish Henry Harris, Chef/Proprietor of Racine, London.